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Sprinkler Winterization

We’ll make sure your sprinkler system is tough enough to handle a Laramie winter.

Fall is a wonderful time of year in Laramie, with its crisp mornings, beautiful scenery, and warm afternoons. And those of you who have worked hard to take care of landscaping all summer longs are probably looking forward to taking a break! But just because winter is just around the corner doesn’t mean it’s quite time to quit thinking about yard work yet – the opposite in fact. There’s one more very important thing to do before you can call it quits for the season: winterize your sprinkler system.

At Tough Guys, sprinkler winterization is one of our specialties! Many of us were born and raised in Wyoming and know how harsh the winters are here. We have lots of experience in making sure sprinkler systems are ready to hibernate away the frigid months and be ready to go again in the springtime. We take care of every system as if it were our own, because we know how much of an investment your irrigation is (and its vital role in making sure the rest of your landscaping looks good.) 

Some companies refer to the sprinkler winterization process as a ‘sprinkler blowout.’ However, we think of it as much more than that. We actively look for potential issues that might have developed in your system after a season of watering, which could save you time and money down the road. Our sprinkler winterization process includes the following:

  • Draining all water from pipes and associated components with the correct air pressure and volume.
  • Blowing out all pipes, valves, sprinkler heads, and associated components with an air compressor.
  • Drainage of backflow and pipes on the interior of your home.
  • Checking for and documenting needed repairs
  • Switching your sprinkler system’s controller to its proper winter setting.



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Sprinkler winterization season in Laramie

Winterization does not include repairs.  If a repair needs to be complete, our technicians will let you know so that you can budget for it. 

Our winterization services start in September and go through the middle of October.  We get a huge amount of calls during the winterization season so don’t delay! Make sure you are on the schedule so that we can prevent freeze damage from happening to your system.  We hold appointments Monday-Saturday in hour increments, to serve your schedule. *NOTE: Customers must be home during winterization*


Hydrawise customers as well as our Summer Lawn care contracts and Annual Maintenance Contracts get priority scheduling for sprinkler winterization.

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