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My wife and I couldn’t be more pleased by the service that we have received from Tough Guys Landscaping & Lighting over the years. We have used them for everything from landscaping to installing a sprinkler system to minor maintenance and they have never disappointed. Mike and his crew are professional, creative, and masters of their craft. Whenever we have a lawn care need, our first call is to Tough Guys because we know it will be done right and it will be done on time.


Mike Welper and Tough Guys Landscaping & Lighting have given us excellent service. We consulted with Mike and his crew to plan a complex sprinkler system for our yard. He accommodated our plans with his expertise and installed an affordable and efficient system. He and his crew patiently explained how the sprinkler system worked and were always willing to adjust the sprinkler heads when needed. They have been dependable in other ways, too. When we are gone during the summer, Tough Guys has not only taken care of our sprinkler system but also mowed our lawn and attended our yard. Mike and Tough Guys are prompt, reliable, expert, and friendly in delivering all of their services. When we have questions about other home maintenance projects, Mike gets back to us and stays in touch by email. We’re convinced that he cares about his customers. We love those Tough Guys!

Carolyn and Bob

Tough Guys Landscaping & Lighting has taken care of our sprinkler system at the First United Methodist Church for last couple of years. Mike and his crew have taken the time to familiarize themselves with our system and the uniqueness of the system. They have provide prompt service and have maintained and serviced the system as needed throughout the summer months. They have made every effort to keep our expenses to a minimum when possible. I would highly recommend them for your lawn care needs.


One of the few downsides of living in a small town like Laramie is there can sometimes be a lack of quality service businesses. Being in the property management business, we are especially impacted by this. Lawn care, snow removal, tree trimming and sprinkler repair are services that we never have to worry about because we use Tough Guys Landscaping & Lighting for these. We have been using Tough Guys for about three years and have always been pleased with their response time, quality work and ability to handle special situations that arise. I also appreciate the ability to contact the owner directly if I ever need to. I would not hesitate to recommend Tough Guys Landscaping & Lighting for any of the services they offer.
Jeff Hasse
Maximum Realty

This is the first year that Tough Guys Landscaping & Lighting has been taking care of our winter and summer landscaping needs and I just have to say Mike and his crew are GREAT! Every time I have special request they are always on top of things and make it out to our property within the very same day I call. You can’t get that anywhere. Not to mention their prices are unbeatable. I very highly recommend them.

Tough Guys Landscaping & Lighting owned and managed by Michael Welper has been my “go to” service for the past 3 years. Michael and his crew are professional, prompt, and it seems no request is too small.
I am an offsite landlord of several rental properties in Laramie and all are well cared for by Michael and his team. If you are in the market for a company to care for your lawn needs, I highly recommend Tough Guys Landscaping & Lighting, Michael’s service is excellent on all levels.


If you have a job that needs to be done right, Call Tough Guys at 307-745-9670