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Tough Guy For A Day

Every year, we accept nominations from all across Laramie for community members who deserve a free landscaping makeover.

Being a “Tough Guy” is about so much more than shoveling heavy snow in the freezing wind, digging up sprinkler trenches in the hot sun, or maintaining your beautiful yard.  Being a Tough Guy means doing everything we can to enrich not only the landscaping but also the lives of the people who share our community.

That’s why we created the “Tough Guy for a Day” event to give back to our town and one special Laramie resident by giving away a free landscaping makeover! 

We ask our fellow community members to get involved by nominating someone you believe deserves a free landscaping makeover.  During early summer, Tough Guys will announce the winner from our pool of nominees and then our crew will get to work preparing to create their new landscape!  Then, everyone is invited to join in on the fun of giving back to Laramie by becoming a “Tough Guy for a Day” to help us complete the finishing touches of the makeover and show our appreciation for a wonderful Laramie citizen!

Tough Guy For A Day 2019 was a huge success, and we want to thank everyone who participated in any way. We had so many great nominations that it was difficult to choose just one, and we look forward to doing it again next year so that we can continue to pay it forward in our community.

This year’s recipients of the landscaping makeover were David and Leslie Vanderpool and their family!

Recently, the Vanderpools moved into a new home with the intent to fix it up and make it beautiful once again. Not long after they moved in, they were hit by one of life’s curveballs: David got the news that he was to be deployed to the Middle East for a year. This meant he would have to leave his wife and three young children behind in a home that still needed a lot of work in order to be comfortable.

The couple worked hard, but time wasn’t on their side. In the words of one of their neighbors: “The sprinkler system was broken, grass almost dead, trees and bushes dead, etc. [The] backyard had to be dug up last summer due to sewer issues. There are so many things to fix inside and out, it has to be overwhelming for them.” 

Many of their friends and neighbors agreed that a complete landscaping makeover was just what this young family needed, and in early July, Tough Guys announced that the Vanderpools had been selected to receive a brand-new yard!

Since the announcement, Tough Guys worked to clear the yard of weeds and other debris, and installed a fully functioning sprinkler system. Finally, the Tough Guys team came together with many other Laramie residents to put the finishing touches on the landscaping, including planting flowers, laying sod, and more. The Vanderpools now enjoy a beautiful yard. We are so grateful for their service!

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